Woman checking her computer with lots of email

10 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important

August 30, 2021

How often do you use email? Probably every day, right? Maybe even every hour (every minute!)?  We ask because if you are one of the 4 billion people worldwide who use email, then you are likely to see some value in it.   In fact, “4 out of 5 marketers said they’d rather give up social […]

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Last stage - conversion. Puzzle showing BOFU

The Bottom of the Sales Funnel – The Conversion Stage

August 1, 2021

So your prospective client has found themselves at the bottom. It sounds like it could be a scary place to be, but when you’re talking about marketing sales funnels, it doesn’t mean all hope is lost.   Your lead has reached the bottom of the sales funnel (BoFu) and at this point, they’ve done their homework. […]

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Colorful Funnels

The Middle of the Sales Funnel – Going Beyond Awareness

July 17, 2021

So you’ve managed to keep the interest of your prospective client. This is the Middle of the Sales Funnel (MoFu)! Your wooing methods at the top of the marketing funnel have piqued their interest and they want to know more about your company. They are considering you more closely.  So let’s take a look at […]

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Top of the Sales Funnel - Attracting Leads

The Top of the Sales Funnel – What’s Up There?

June 29, 2021

It’s the beginning. The place where it all starts. That’s right, baby. It’s the TOP of the Marketing Funnel.  You want to attract leads, and this is where the customer journey with you begins, and hopefully continues, in the sales funnel model. At this stage, the probability of sales is still uncertain. Perhaps, just as […]

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Hands around a sales funnel with people going into it

Marketing Sales Funnel Explained: What You Need to Know

June 8, 2021

There are so many acronyms and jargon being thrown around in business. As marketers, we are especially guilty of this. And when you start talking about the stages behind the glorious customer journey that we call the marketing sales funnel, it’s understandable for confusion and panic to set in. No worries, though. You’re not going […]

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Hot air balloon in ABQ

Balloon Fiesta–Is Your ABQ Company’s Digital Marketing Presence Ready?

February 9, 2021

In the first week of October, guests from all over the world will come to Albuquerque for the largest annual international event held in the United States – the International Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. With almost 600 balloons hailing from 16 countries, an estimated 800,000-plus visitors from all over the universe world will descend upon Balloon […]

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2 Days of Merry Marketing

12 Days of Merry Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

December 14, 2020

On the first day of Christmas, my budget gave to me… not a whole lot of money for marketing.  Small businesses don’t always have big dollars to promote their brand but don’t break out the “bah humbugs” just yet.  We’ve updated our 12 Days of Merry Marketing Tips that any company can do with a […]

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GivingTuesday Heart Logo

Tips to Get Your Giving Tuesday Digital Marketing Strategy Ready Now

October 28, 2020

This year’s Giving Tuesday will be a little different in many ways. There’s a major pandemic happening, the economy is doing some interesting things, unemployment is high and people are unsure about what’s going to happen post-election. Did we mention we’re in the midst of a pandemic? Now is the time to get your game […]

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Hands typing on a keyboard with succulents nearby

Writing for the Web – How to Make Your Copy Stand Out

May 29, 2020

Writing for the web requires a whole different set of rules than that 20-page report you wrote in college.  Here, you write to keep the attention of your reader. You fight for it. Why? Because there is so much information to wade through on the Internet.  And our attention spans are shorter than that of […]

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Help Post-it note on keyboard

We’re Here If You Need Us

March 20, 2020

At Authentic Web Solutions, we are fortunate to have the ability to work remotely and support our clients during this uncertain time with little impact on our day-to-day business. Though we don’t have an office environment to worry about, we encourage our team to follow the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines and practice good health so we […]

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