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Your website plays a critical role for your business and it should be on your mind on a regular basis. 

Think of your last big investment you made- on a car, for instance. You invested time researching your decision before you put your money down. After, you made sure regular maintenance was performed on your investment- oil changes, tire rotations, whatever was needed to make sure your vehicle was at its optimal performance level. The same should be done for your website. 

Owners should be measuring their site’s performance, and evaluating if their site is running efficiently. You should be asking asking yourself about your site the important questions like:

  • How are you measuring your website’s success?
  • Is your website conversion rate increasing?
  • Are you getting the traffic your website needs?
  • How are you monitoring that traffic? 

If you don’t know the answers to these questions and others like them, then you’re in the right place and it could be the right time to redesign your website. When considering a website redesign, there could be specific problems that need to be addressed, or all-encompassing concerns that need to be taken into account. You invested time and money when you first created your site, and now it’s time to invest again so it doesn’t cost you money in the end. 

The website needs a refresh or redesign

Perhaps you created your website years ago, and you need the site to look more modern, or maybe the site now doesn’t accurately reflect your brand. Your website needs to convey a strong brand image for brand consistency. Using the same fonts, colors, logos, and more will lead to a higher brand recognition which matters to consumers. Using a signature color will increase brand recognition by 80%, according to a study by Reboot, and brand consistency will also help increase your profits. A report by LucidPress saw a brand’s profits increase by 33% if the brand had a consistent presentation of its core values, promises, and other brand identity elements. And brand consistency helps build trust, which also leads to higher profits. 81% of consumers say they need to be able to trust a brand to buy from them, per a 2019 Edelman Special Report.

To increase conversions

You may be doing everything in your power to try and drive traffic to your website, but aren’t seeing the results you desire. Before you can increase traffic on your website, you need to make sure your website is converting. There could be plenty of traffic on your website but if those visitors aren’t taking action and becoming viable leads you’re missing out on potential business. A website redesign could help give your visitors more clear calls to actions that will turn those web visitors into leads. A talented web designer will help guide you to experiment and find out the best ways to optimize your website to give you the best result possible. This is a continued, collaborative process that will help your business as trends and the best methods change over time. 

To increase traffic

If you aren’t seeing the traffic to your website… you might need to consult with a digital marketing strategist who can help make recommendations on how to improve traffic through different advertising methods. Your website could use organic marketing methods, like blog posts or email newsletters, which can help your site over time. Paid advertising targets your audience quickly but will cost money. A digital marketing strategist can work with you to see which methods are best for your company and your budget.

Need marketing automation

You might have started your website filling basic needs your company had at that point, but your company is growing and your website needs are growing too. You can help your website fill your company’s growing needs by adding marketing automation to keep you at the top of visitor’s minds. One of those things could be email campaigns, such as birthday emails, product updates and launches, reminder emails, among others. 

Need it to integrate with other systems

Another aspect of your growing business is making sure your website is running as a cohesive unit, with all components working together. And each business owners’ website needs are different, so the tools your site needs will be different too. If you’re starting a blog on your site, your visitors may want to comment, or a photographer may want to allow customers to see their photos privately. Both of these websites will have to integrate systems on their website, and a redesign with a knowledgeable professional will make the process easier. 

If any of these scenarios are making you question whether it’s time for you to consider a website redesign, let’s talk about your current website to find out how we can make your website your best salesperson to potential customers.

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