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We’ve all been there before – you visit a website, maybe on your phone, and it takes an incredibly long time to load. And once it does, the website doesn’t seem to fit on your mobile screen.

You pinch and you pull on the screen, just so you can navigate the site, but you can’t find what you need. Finally, you give up, because life is short, and you’ve already spent too many precious moments of your time on this website.

What you just had was a bad user experience. And if your company’s website shares any of those characteristics, it’s time for web redesign.

Let’s dig a little deeper into what constitutes the need for a redesign, shall we?

Outdated Design

This should be your first clue that it’s time for a website redesign. Not only should your website match your brand, it needs to follow modern design and usability principles. Some companies redesign every 2 years, just to make sure they are on top of the ever-changing world of web.

Usability Issues

A frustrating experience on your website reflects poorly on your business and your brand. It’s time for a website redesign if:

It’s Hard to Find Information – If it’s easier to use Google to find a page on your website than to access it from the navigation, then it’s time for a redesign. Your visitors want to be able to find what they are looking for, and quickly.

Your Website’s Not Responsive – So you say your site can’t be viewed on a mobile device? That’s a pretty big indicator you are way past due for a redesign. Your website should be viewable, regardless of the screen size.

Your Website is Super Slow – If you have time to go make yourself a cup of coffee before you page loads, your website is too slow. Studies show that users prefer a wait time of 1 second or less.

Any of these faux pas contribute to an overall sub-par user experience. Get a redesign, stat.

Outdated Plugins and Web Maintenance

Usability can sometimes be impacted by the outdated functions that make your website work.
Content management systems require plugin updates and upgrades. Ongoing maintenance can help prevent major security issues and keep your site operating at full capacity.

You are past due for a redesign if you’ve been neglecting to stay on top of maintaining your website.


Say your website requires the skills of a coding expert to weave through a maze of html just to make small text or image update.

What a pain.

This extra step of requesting and waiting for things to get done means your website is probably not being updated as often as it should be. And your users will notice a site with outdated information and will take their business elsewhere.

It’s time to move your site into what is called a “CMS” – or for if you have extra time on your hands and don’t need to abbreviate, a “content management system.”

With a CMS, you’ll be able to take control of your website’s content and easily make updates.

Your Website Isn’t SEO Friendly

When you search for your product or service on Google, your goal is for your website (not your competitor’s) to show up high in the search results. But if this isn’t the case, your website isn’t doing you any favors. It’s time for an update in the SEO department.

Redesigning your website can have big impacts on SEO because it’s the perfect time to evaluate site structure and content. And moving your website into a CMS will probably do a lot to help with Search Engine Optimization if you aren’t using one yet.

Not Compliant with International Law

Ever heard of GDPR? It stands for General Data Protection Regulation and if you use any form of digital marketing, you better be up to speed on how it impacts how you do business.

The law applies to any company that does business with EU individuals. If your website collects data, make sure it’s in line with these regulations when you go through your web redesign.

Hire a Web Marketing Agency to Redesign Your Site

Your website is the digital face of your company. It is often where people look first before doing business with you. Be sure they leave your site with a good impression of your brand.

When you’re ready to get started with your website redesign, let us know (there’s no time like the present).

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