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Around these parts, we love WordPress. It’s our jam.

One of the reasons WordPress is so great is that it’s open-sourced software, so it’s open to everyone. This makes the cost of running websites in WordPress much lower.

It also means that updates need to be made to the software more frequently to prevent security issues (and hackers).

Our website maintenance plans help you avoid issues, and if they occur, we can fix them quickly.

Think of us as your website superhero. We’re batman. Your website is Gotham. And we work to protect it from the Jokers in the world.

But we digress…

A Website Maintenance Plan is Good to Have – Here’s Why

Website Maintenance Plans help stretch the value of your website. If you spent thousands building a new website, a Web Maintenance Plan can significantly extend your site’s life.

  1. Regular maintenance helps you avoid security threats.
  2. If you have a security issue, we’ll get it up and running in quickly.
  3. It prevents plugins and other site functions on your site from becoming outdated, and ultimately, incompatible.
  4. It takes a lot of time to diagnose problems – time you could be using to run your business.

What You Get with a Website Maintenance Plan

Our clients who have web maintenance plans sleep a little easier at night. Why? Because they know that we are actively working to protect them from whatever could possibly go wrong.

  • Monthly Updates – Plugins, themes, WordPress software and your server are always up to date.
  • Troubleshooting – Sometimes things don’t go smoothly when your site’s functions are being updated. But if we’re managing it, your site will be back up with little to no downtime. In short, we save the day.

Daily Website Backups – This is important. If something goes wrong with your website, regardless of how or why we can roll the site back to an earlier version. We store these backups for 90 days so we can refer back to them if needed.

24/7 Monitoring – We receive real-time notifications when our Web Maintenance clients’ site goes down. As soon as we see something is amiss, we’ll pop into a phone booth, put on our capes and get you back online ASAP.

Database Optimization – This prevents your website from getting bloated by spam, old posts, etc.

General Cleanup – We regularly check your site to identify old or duplicate plugins, as well as themes, that aren’t being used. Once we spot them, we clean them out to ensure your site is fast and more secure.

Security Scans and Malware Cleanup – This benefit comes free for clients who host with us.

Customer Service – We are responsive, send monthly reports, and available if there is something on the report that you have a question about.

Extra Support – Based on the plan you choose, you will receive a dedicated amount of support time each month. Platinum clients also receive a quarterly 1-hour strategy call with the Authentic Web Solutions team.

The Cost of NOT Having a Web Maintenance Plan

Your Site Could Break
If you miss significant updates to your WordPress theme or any core plugins, your site can be stuck in the Twilight Zone where it cannot be updated without breaking things, but not updating it can leave you vulnerable to security threats and outdated looking pages.

SEO Efforts Can Be Impacted
Maintenance malfunctions that need to be addressed, such as decreased site speed and poor image optimization can put the Hulk smash on your SEO efforts. If these items are neglected for too long, or the site is hacked, Google could view the site as insecure and your rankings could be decimated.

It’ll Cost You
Sure, you could try to perform your web maintenance yourself. Unless webs shoot out of your wrist, flying high without a net is dangerous. If you fall, we’re here to pick you up, but we’ve gotta say it’s certainly more cost-effective to have a monthly plan in place. It saves time, energy and money.

Next Steps
Now that you’ve made it this far down the page, consider yourself truly informed.

Should you get a Website Maintenance Plan? Yes. Yes, you should.

Would it be in your best interest to let your website fall prey to all the evil villains out there who are dead set on destruction and world domination? Nope, most certainly not.

You know what you need to do.

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