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For many across the globe, work-life just isn’t what it used to be. Recent major events have sent large numbers of employers scrambling to equip their employees with the right tools and resources necessary to do their jobs from home.

Meanwhile, not a lot has changed for the Authentic Web Solutions (AWS) team. We’ve been a remote company for a while now,

Karla Fisher, CEO

“With remote work, you have to find what works for you. When it doesn’t work, try something new. Think about a time you had a great workday and how you started it off.

“Some of my best days are when I go for a walk in the morning and have coffee on the patio. My partner has to constantly remind me to do this!”

Becky Pearce, Director of Operations

“Take your lunch break away from your desk. If you can get outside, that’s even better.

“During the day, I love diffusing essential oils and listening to music, too. It helps set a mood and get me in the right mindset.”

Valerie WilkeValerie Wilke, Project Coordinator

“Try to start and end your day at the same time. Having a schedule will help you hold yourself accountable and also signal to others in the house that you are “off-limits.”

“Find a spot that is tucked away from temptation and distraction. You’ll want to resist the urge to have “Good Morning America” playing on the TV in the background. I speak from experience.

“At AWS we have a weekly virtual team coffee/lunch. It’s time that is set aside just to hang out with your coworkers and find out what’s going on in their lives. These socializing activities can really help you feel more connected to them and increase morale.”

Work It

Working away from the office can definitely take a little dedication and practice. If you need any more guidance or tips, feel free to reach out. We’re happy to share what works for us.

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