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It’s a familiar, yet tiresome scene. You’ve got website updates that need to be made ASAP, but the only person who can make them is a code-wrangling, tech savvy IT staffer who has other priorities ahead of yours.

So, you wait.


But the roadblocks happen again and again, and your site stays stagnant.

Enough of this nonsense already! It’s time to break the cycle and take control of your website.

And you can do this by warmly embracing the ever-mighty and magical digital unicorn known as the content management system. Or if you’re super hip – a CMS.

Around these parts, we’re big fans of WordPress.


WordPress Advantage 1: Easy to Use

You don’t have to be a web developer to use WordPress. If you know how to use a computer, and can navigate around a folder system, you’ll probably be fine.

WordPress has an easy-to-navigate user interface that helps keep content organized, so finding photos and web pages to make simple edits and updates to your website is easy breezy.

Page editors in WordPress are pretty similar to most word processing software like Word or Google Docs, so simple text updates can be made quickly and without hassle.

And if you’re out of the office and you need to make an update in a hurry, you don’t have to be logged into the company network to access your site. WordPress can be logged into from any computer giving you major flexibility and site accessibility.


WordPress Advantage 2: Manage Your Site’s Content

What’s in a name? You’ll find that content management systems are great for – wait for it – managing content. And WordPress is no different.

Website Organization

WordPress keeps your site organized, making it easy to quickly go into the system to make a page update or add new pages.

Content Scheduling

Sometimes, you need a message to go live or come offline at a certain time. If you don’t feel like staying awake until midnight to manually ensure that the change goes live, you may enjoy the benefits that scheduling automation provides to many well-rested WordPress users.

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Good for Multiple Users

WordPress allows for multiple users to work in the system at one time. More users in the system means you can divide, conquer, and get more done faster.

WordPress Advantage 3: Good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’ve invested time, energy and dollars into building a website, you’re likely going to want to see it appear in the search engines. That’s where WordPress really comes in handy.

WordPress is like catnip for search engines. They love it. WordPress has clean code and is well optimized for SEO, so your site is more likely to rank higher up in the results.

WordPress also has lots of helpful system add-ons that can be installed to help determine where your site needs SEO improvement.

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WordPress Advantage 4: Site Design

With thousands of plugins and themes available to choose from, the options for customizing your WordPress site can be endless. And because WordPress sites are responsive, there’s no need to spend extra time and money building out pages for different browser sizes.


WordPress Advantage 5: Training

Many times, the marketing agency that builds your website in WordPress will also offer training before they hand off the completed product to you. We do. And you’ll also have the option of tapping our expertise for ongoing support if any questions arise, or you just want to learn a little more.

If you’re still not completely comfortable in WordPress, we’re happy to help make updates on your behalf.


Get Started Using WordPress for Your Website

Why sugar coat it – a content management system like WordPress may be the answer to all your hopes and dreams.

We can help you accomplish your online goals, so when you’re ready to change the way you web, let’s chat.

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