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WordCamp Albuquerque 2020 postponed due to COVID-19 concerns.

Visit the 2020 WordCamp Albuquerque website for more details, and to learn more about when it will be rescheduled.

We’re reeling around these parts because we got some amazing newsour CEO Karla Fisher will be one of the speakers at WordCamp Albuquerque this March.

If you’re not familiar with WordCamp, it’s a place for WordPress designers, developers, content creators, bloggers, business owners and enthusiasts to celebrate and learn about all things WordPress. Attendees share ideas and information and get to know each other in a casual setting.”

This year’s WordCampABQ takes place on March 20-21 at Central New Mexico Community College’s Brasher Hall. The lineup of speakers is pretty epic and event managers are expecting about 250 attendees. It’s going to be a good one.

Dedicated to the Cause

As huge lovers and believers in WordPress, participating in this event not only as speakers but as volunteers is important to us. It’s been two years since the last WordCamp in Albuquerque, so we wanted to help make this an epic event.

“Our company is a firm believer in the power of WordPress as a versatile, ever-evolving platform,” Karla says. “WordCamp is important for the web design and marketing community because it brings all of us together and allows us to easily share our experiences and ideas. It’s great to be able to help bring it to Albuquerque.”

Before we found out that Karla would be speaking, she was also working as a Sponsorship Wrangler. Our Web Developer Yvette Johnson-Rodgers is the Website Wrangler, the Safety Wrangler, and the After Party and Speaker Dinner Wrangler. We’re not sure when or if she has time to sleep.

Yvette’s favorite part of WordPress is the community.

“It’s energizing to pick up new ideas, new perspectives, and new ways of doing things,” Yvette says. “It’s meaningful to give back to a community that gives so freely and makes it possible for me to earn a living helping others through making websites.”

Alien Invasions

Are you prepared for a war of the worlds? Specifically, an oncoming attack of alien invaders (AKA hackers)!? Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t, but Karla will be talking Website Security for her WordCampABQ presentation, so if you get a chance, you should go see her speak. It will be out of this world… *SNORT*!

Join Us!

If you’re a WordPress user or just a fan, please come join us at the 2020 WordCamp Albuquerque. Tickets are $50 for the whole weekend. Also, if you’re interested, WordCamp is still looking for volunteers.

It’s going to be huge and we’re thrilled and honored to be a part of it.

See you there.

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