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You have a happy problem – too much content. You’ve generated it for blogs, emails, social media. So now you’re just sitting atop a pile of ideas, reflecting on your life’s choices and feeling a bit like a hoarder.

It’s actually great that you’ve held onto those ideas. There can be huge benefits to repurposing your content. But how?

So glad you asked.

Where to look for content that can be repurposed

Start by looking through the content you’ve developed that endures the test of time.

Review your most popular blogs and social media posts. Look at emails that had high click-through rates. They were popular for a reason. Can any of that content be reused or updated? Probably so.

Your options for what you can do with your content are endless, but we’ve come up with a few ideas (specifically five) you may be able to use.

Ideas for repurposing content

1. Turn a blog post into a series of social media posts

This is something we do quite frequently. We’ll post the blog to announce that it’s been published on social media, but then we’ll keep the theme going for the next month, or until we’ve squeezed every last tidbit worth sharing.

For example, we recently wrote a blog about the effectiveness of content marketing. Instead of just leaving it to wither away on our site, we took key content from the subsections of the article. We incorporated that content into graphics.

The result was four posts that we would be able to share over the next month. Several of them linked back to the blog.

See Exhibit #1

Effectiveness of Content Marketing Instagram Screenshot

Exhibit #2

Effectiveness of Content Marketing Instagram Screenshot FAQs

Exhibit #3

Build Trust and Loyalty Effectiveness of Content Marketing Instagram Screenshot

And Exhibit #4

Improve Your Brand's Visibility

We also shared the blog post in our monthly email.

More on that below. Keep reading.

2. Turn your email content into a blog

If you send a monthly email to your clients, customers, supporters, etc., make sure that your message isn’t just hanging out in someone’s mailbox.

Whatever you are saying in that email is probably something you want your audience to know. Give it some extra mileage by turning it into a blog post that can be shared on social media.

3. Create a slide deck

Slide decks aren’t just for presenting at meetings anymore. If you’ve got a story to tell or a message to get out, slides can be a great format to share your content.

You can build the slide deck in PowerPoint, Canva, Prezi or Google Drive. Tools like VideoScribe can help you make video quality presentations.

Upload your deck to SlideShare (owned by LinkedIn) for increased shareability, SEO benefits and engagement.

4. Host a webinar

Once you’ve created the slides, you may as well host a webinar! After all the refreshing, repurposing and recycling of content, you’re probably an expert on the subject at this point.

Webinars are a great medium to encourage real-time interaction with your audience. Most platforms like GoToWebinar or WebinarJam have features for audience question-and-answer sessions, as well as polling tools so you can engage them during the presentation.

Once you’re done with the webinar, send out the recording to viewers, as well as those who may have missed the presentation, and post it to your website so visitors can view it on-demand.

And why stop there? Publicize it on your social channels, too.

5. Create an Infographic

Got data? Then it’s time to get visual, folks. Take all those juicy stats and throw them into an infographic.

Infographics are popular because they can be easily shared across blogs, social media and email, but they are also fantastic for SEO.

You don’t have to be a designer to create them. Programs like Canva, Piktochart and Visually make it easy to whip up professional-quality graphics.

Freshen up your content

There’s no reason to let a great idea go to waste. Take inventory of your work and give your content a new life. And if you need any more ideas, or help getting started, we know some great people who can help.

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