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TCU Nonprofit Communicators Conference

The TCU Nonprofit Communicators Conference took place on Thursday, May 18th at Texas Christian University. We were proud to serve as one of the sponsors. Below are a few highlights and photos from the event.

  • Well over 120 attendees
  • 30 entries for the Creativity/Humor kit jointly provided by Authentic Web Solutions and Mo Solo’s The Humor Side e-newsletter
  • 2 scholarship attendees sponsored by Authentic Web Solutions
  • 1 fantastic full day of conversations with people passionate about their nonprofit missions

Quotes from the Conference

“Communication is happening whether you participate or not.”

Sherita Coffelt, Director of Public Affairs, Metrolink in Los Angeles, CA
Session – Crisis Communication: What to Do Before, During and After a Crisis

“Trust is everything.”

Nancy E. Schwartz, Nonprofit Marketing Problem Solver, GettingAttention.org
Keynote Session – Transform Your Colleagues and Board Members into Communication Champions

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