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Be Bold. Be Authentic. Be the Change.

When I first started working for myself, I was a single mom without a college degree and I had no idea if I could make it work or not. Fortunately, there were people who helped me along the way from those first clients who gave me an opportunity to demonstrate what I could do to friends and colleagues who offered support and advice. Today I am thankful to own my own thriving business. Because I know first hand that life can sometimes throw you curveballs, I believe in supporting organizations like Attitudes and Attire that help women deal with those curveballs.

Recently, Authentic Web Solutions pitched the idea to Aquent’s Design for Good Grant. Although our grant idea was not selected, we have not given up. We are still looking for ways to make this happen to help women #BeBoldForChange. In the meantime, feel free to watch the short video pitch and/or read the transcript below. We encourage you to challenge yourself in looking for ways you can help empower women. If you are already doing that, we’d love to hear about it. Leave us a comment below!

My name is Karla Fisher and I’m a UX designer and developer in the Dallas and Fort Worth area with over 15 years of experience. A few years ago a client invited me to an annual fashion show luncheon for an organization called Attitudes and Attire. Little did I know what I was in for. They had tissues at the table, if that tells you anything. One inspirational story after another tugged at my heartstrings. There were tears but mostly tears of joy as these women courageously shared a part of themselves with the room full of strangers. That day left an impression on my heart, which is the reason why I am pitching them today for the design grant.

Attitudes and Attire is all about changing the lives of women and their families in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Since 1996, more than 20,000 women have gone through their unique job readiness and self-esteem programs.

Attitudes & Attire serves women emerging from homelessness, addiction, abuse and other serious challenges to employment. Many of them are single mothers. The organization also works with female veterans who face new battlefields as they transition back to civilian life. Through powerful group workshops and one-on-one counseling, Attitudes & Attire equips these women with the confidence, communication skills and professional clothing to help them land a job and become self-sufficient.

These workshops are life changing for attendees, but once women finish the onsite program, it’s difficult for Attitudes & Attire to stay in touch and keep the momentum going. I want to fix that! I want to design and develop a post-workshop communication campaign that would include emails, webinars and online classes that continue to nurture women who need it.

The campaign would be a crucial lifeline to help women build on what they learned at Attitudes & Attire through positive affirmations, refreshers, and new teachings.

It is with great honor that I pitch this design idea on behalf of Attitudes and Attire to help them inspire and encourage their clients as they move forward in their lives. We all know that a little positive note or reminder can make the difference between a bad day and a GREAT day. Thank you for this opportunity, your time and consideration!

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