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Small Business Saturday (SBS) is almost here! Because we are a small business ourselves and we partner with and have a number of small business clients, we wanted to provide some tips to help everyone get ready!

Clean House

We don’t mean this literally, although you probably do want to make sure there are no cobwebs leftover from Halloween still lurking in the corners. What we are talking about, is your website. When is the last time you actually looked at your website as if you were a customer? Take a few moments and check it out. You want to make sure your location(s) and hours correct. Remember, many people look to the web first to find information. Is there any other information that’s out of date? Just like your store or office, you want to make sure your website is clean and up-to-date.

Communicate, Connect, Nurture

Speaking of websites, do you have a way to continue communication with your prospective customers and current ones? For example, do you have a newsletter signup button on your website? Email marketing providers like MailChimp1 make it easy to integrate a newsletter sign up button on your website. But collecting emails doesn’t have to be limited to just the website. You can do it in person as well. Vertical Response suggests, “Put a fishbowl on your counter, ask for business cards and permission to sign up for your newsletter, then do a weekly or monthly prize giveaway of your product and announce it in your next edition.” They also recommend keeping a signup form near the cash register and letting customers know about exclusive discounts available only in the newsletter.

Spruce Up Your Social Media

Another great place to include a newsletter signup form on is your social media platforms. Facebook Pages make it easy to add a signup button to your page. You should also check to make sure your information is correct on all your social media platforms as well. In addition to visiting websites before stopping by a business in person, many people check their social media pages first. Think about changing the profile and cover photos for your Facebook page specifically for Small Business Saturday. You might also consider investing a small amount in social media advertising. An ad on Facebook (or other platforms) can help you target potential customers in your local area and is relatively inexpensive. Be sure to let your social media followers know about any specials you are offering for SBS and ask them to share.

Sharing is Caring

“Did you know that 87 percent of Americans say they will purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about?”2 Consider donating a portion of sales from Small Business Saturday to a nonprofit that you support as part of their Giving Tuesday campaign. This partnership can benefit you both. It will help both your business and the charity organization generate more visibility as you are both sharing info via email, social media, and websites.


Teaming up doesn’t have to be limited to nonprofits. You can partner with businesses down the street or shops that have related products. Let’s say you are a local coffee shop on a street with several retail shops. You could provide drink coupons to your fellow shop owners to share with their customers and vice versa. Cleaning services could partner with realtors. Gyms and fitness businesses can collaborate with massage therapists and acupuncturists. Get creative! It’s up to you how you want to partner.

Okay, we’ve given you five tips to get you started on Small Business Saturday. Now go out there and make it a success!

  1. Disclaimer: We use MailChimp, but are not being paid to mention them. However, if they want to share some free cookies and coffee with us, we won’t turn it down. 😉
  2. 3 Ways To ‘do Good’ While Your Business Does Well

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