CASE STUDY: Renal Disease Research Institute

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Renal Disease Research Institute, the affiliate of Dallas Nephrology Associates, needed a website to fill its growing needs.

As the research entity of one of the largest Nephrology practices in the United States, they conduct clinical trials that will improve the future ability to treat kidney disease and give patients the opportunity to receive cutting-edge therapy.

RDRI turned to the expertise of AWS to help them create a more user-friendly, informative website.

The Strategy

RDRI wanted a website that demonstrated their doctors’ extensive expertise and years of experience while also increasing kidney patient study participation. 

Authentic Web Solutions evaluated the website with an eye for gaps in content, improved usability and increased conversion rates.

RDRI turned to the expertise of AWS to help them create a more user-friendly, informative website.

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The Results

AWS met the client’s needs by delivering a 32-page site with simple navigation, clear, targeted messaging and prominent calls to action.

A fresh design was implemented on the front end of the website. The colors and branding were updated to better align with the affiliate organization, Dallas Nephrology Associates. New imagery was integrated into the design to reflect a more diverse representation of demographics.

Authentic Web Solutions not only redesigned the website, but created more clear, concise website content that targeted their three main audiences - doctors, sponsors of clinical studies, and of course, study volunteers. The expanded information on their website took a deeper dive into the benefits of participating in a study with RDRI for all three groups.

More prominence was given to the Research Study page in the main menu of the site. The format of the Research Study page was re-designed with an accordion structure to break up the amount of text on the page and make it easier to find studies with relevant conditions at a glance.

On the back end, the page builder was updated to a more user-friendly system to allow for faster, easier-to-make changes on the website.

From the Client

Shana Camp, CCRC, Research Manager of the Renal Disease Research Institute had this to say about the organization's experience with Authentic Web Solutions:

The work we do at Renal Disease Research Institute is important for the future of treating kidney disease. We needed to elevate our website so that it reflected our dedication and expertise. Authentic Web Solutions delivered that for us. We're very pleased with the outcome.